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Wrapped Branded Campervan tour London – Briogeo

We provided a branded, full vinyl wrapped campervan tour across London. Reponsibilities incuded consumer day London venue sourcing, brand ambassador and security provision, VW Camper branding, stock management for product sampling, route planning and driver services. We essentially provided a full, managed service, as part of our branded camper services.

Wrapped branded campervan hire London tour
branded campervan hire product sampling

We provided a vinyl wrapped, branded VW Camper and full managed service for a London PR tour

  •  We provided a fully vinyl wrapped classic VW camper, with matching interior branding, for the tour, using client artwork on our templates, working with the client’s designer.
  • We provided consultancy on the route planing to cover London publishing houses, influencer home addresses and Covent Garden consumer day across a 4 day tour.
  • We provided London brand activation venue sourcing services, capturing requirements, and presenting options against budget. The client agreed on Covent Garden. We managed the contracts, payments, security and risk assessment documentation.
  • We provided brand ambassadors, ensuring they were trained and briefed for the consumer day.
  • We provided driver and full logistics / route planning and timings
  • We managed the logistics of all the stock delivery, storage and packaging between our in-house team and the client.
london branded vw camper hire

Vinyl Wrapped Classic Camper for hair care brand in beauty sector

We worked hand in hand with communications agency, Capsule Comms .

The end client / brand in the beauty and health industry was a company called Briogeo – known for making a range of high-end hair care products featuring natural ingredients and formulas.

We organised a training session for our brand ambassadors that we supplied, to ensure that they were fully informed on the product range. This enabled them to engage and excite the public with the brand.

We worked with the designer to ensure that we correcty captured the artwork on the vehicle, with pantone correct colours and image placement.


How Did We Help?

We applied a full vinyl wrap and custom interior design on the campervan for this project, working with our client to ensure the designs and measurements were exactly what they were after.


Infuencer tour branded campervan

Branded VW Camper with Full Vinyl Wrap

 We provided a fully vinyl wrapped classic VW camper. We supplied our tried and tested, scaleable vector template to the client designer. They supplied the artword, and we put it into production, andthe fully vinyl wrapped the campervan, including interior panels and elevating roof inner board.

health and beauty pr branded vehicle hire

Product /stock management

We had a multi-day, complex PR tour across multi-drop London pubishing houses, social media influencers houses and Covent Garden for the consumer engagement day.

We stored the product samples at our warehouse, preparing and packing the campervan for each day, with labelled stock.

london branded campervan hire

Transportation and Logistics

This was a London tour with a busy agenda across busy traffic routes. Timing for the multi-drop influencers houses and publishing houses required careful planning, from identifying parking locations to managing the timings for the schedule.

Our tour included visits to Condé Nast, Hearst magazine, Bauer, News UK House.

We worked with the agency, making recommendations, ensuring that the schedule was achievable, and adaptable to any last minute changes.

Our friendly driver was there to drive the campervan, getting to each destination on time.

branded campervan hire with brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors

We supplied two brand ambassadors as well as our driver for the tour.

We worked with Capsule Comms to ensure that we selected ambassadors that would be well matched to the brand.

We booked our brand ambassadors in for product training with the end client, Briogeo, to ensure that they could chat informatively at the client engagement day.

The team wore branded t-shirts, to present a cohesive look with the whole set up. They were briefed in the health and safety paperwork and product sampling stock management, to ensure everything ran smoothly on the day.

London venue sourcing for brand activation

We worked with Capsule Comms to identify the requirements for the London consumer day brand activation.

In line with the budget, target demographic and desired footfall, we used our contacts to source a range of London based brand activation sites, to include train stations, shopping malls and tourist spots. These were presented with keys stats and images, along with pros / cons and a recommendation.

Once agreed, we went on to manage the contracts, payment milestones, security, risk assessment documentation and opertions to set up at Covent Garden. The event ran smoothly, delighting the client, agency and securing high levels of engagement.

brand ambassador london
Covent garden branded vehicle hire

Social media influencers

With 10 social media influencers to visit across London, we had a busy itinerary to deliver, which required fastidious route planning and parking preparation. Our experienced driver was fully briefed by our office, and supported with our real time vehicle tracking and office support.

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