We provided a branded campervan hire popup glitter bar and photobooth service. We included a full laminate wrap and provided staff and logistics to take part in a national UK promotional tour for the launch of the new Glamper campervan by LOL Suprise – a brand with a record of being the top-selling toy in the U.S. and U.K*

  • L.O.L. Surprise!™ ranks among the top selling toys around the world – reference here.
Branded campervan popup glitter bar hire


  • Fully branded campervan popup glitter bar hire with professional staff
  • Campervan photobooth integrated into rear of campervan with branded, instant prints and themed props
  • Picket fencing and all furnishings supplied by us
  • All logistics / transport
  • Risk assessment documentation
  • Fully insured
  • Worked across a series of national retail parks in conjunction with Smyths Toy Stores

We worked with Carousel PR to provide a Branded campervan popup glitter bar that would look just like the LOL Suprise Glamper that was being launched across the UK.

We toured national retail parks, setting up outside the Smyths toy stores, complete with our picket fencing and stools.

The campervan roof elevated and we provided a popup glitter bar, displaying an array of glitter designs for children to choose from. Our team then provided a makeover, whilst talking to the children and parents about the glamper (which was on display at the counter). On completion of the glitter makeover, they were then directed to the capervan photobooth, installed at the back.

The campervan photobooth came with themed props, a themed backdrop (complete with disco glitter balls) and branded instant prints. We also showcased LOL products at this photobooth station.

After the glamper glitter and photobooth experience, users were encouraged to take a selfie by the campervan, and to upload them on the social media channels advertised, to be in with a chance to win a competition. Many people also then went into the store to make purchases.

We applied a full vinyl wrap on the campervan for this project to make it look like the LOL Suprise glamper, being promoted.

We included imagery on the inner roof for maximum impact when elevated.

We provided our tried and tested artwork template and consulted on the design’s compatibility with the campervan. We then produced and applied the graphics for our branded campervan glitter popup bar hire service.

Our branded campervan glitter popup bar hire came with our professional, fully insured staff and eco-friendly glitter.

Branded campervan popup glitter bar hire
Branded campervan popup glitter bar hire
LOL Glamper
popup glitter bar hire

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popup glitter bar hire

Branded VW Camper with integrated Glitter Bar and Photobooth

We provided a fully vinyl wrapped, classic VW Camper, designed to look like the Glamper toy being promoted. The Branded campervan popup glitter bar fliptop roof elevated, and the counter dropped down, making it a perfect station for providing makeovers – a photobooth was installed in the back with themed props, branded instant prints and themed backdrop.

branded campervan hire

Picket fencing and furnishings

Along with the campervan, we supplied our picket fencing to ensure the area was safely cordoned off for children.

We also supplied stools for the children to sit at for their makeover experience, and there was a further stool positioned at the rear to offer shorter children a boost to use the campervan photobooth.

In the front of the campervan, we displayed a life-size LOL doll (made of foamex) to sit behind the steering wheel .

Events Risk assessment paperwork

We produced all the insurance, PAT certs. and risk assessment paperwork required, including any specifics for each event.

We made sure that our team were trained accordingly, and came equipped with everything required, to include high vis. jackets, first aid kits, fire extinguishers , mains power cabling, rubber matting, sand bags etc.

All events were supported with traceable paperwork. Furthermore, our head office supported each tour, providing real time updates on vehicle location, expected times of arrival etc.

branded campervan bar hire

Transportation and Logistics Campervan Hire

This was a national tour with long distance travelling – so we provided transporter services. 

This included facilitation around access constraints, security regulations for each event, installation of the set-up at each venue, power management and regional secure storage of the vehicle throughout the tour.


branded campervan popup glitter bar hire

Popup glitter bar and makeover

We provided professional makeover staff for the popup glitter bar tour.

Our team designed glitter makeovers for children to choose from, and practiced on our models before the first live event.

Where children made special requests for custom glitter designs, we worked with them to match their outfits / favourite colours.

The makeover stafff played a key role in engaging with the children and parents to consut over designs, talk about the Glamper product being promoted, and signposting them to the photobooth station at the back of the campervan. 


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