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Lipton Iced Tea Branded Campervan Photobooth 

The Lipton Iced Tea branded VW Camper photobooth tour. Our branded, fully laminate wrapped VW Camper goes on a festival tour…


Branded campervan hire for conference in London

Buttercup Bus VW Campers enjoyed working with creative agency, Arnold KLP, on the Lipton Iced Tea (Britvic) brand activation tour.

We travelled to major music festivals with up to 10k footfall, across the UK, to include the Holi One series and Brownstock.

We provided a fully laminate wrapped, branded VW Camper photo booth, complete with branded instant prints, and props. The campervan photobooth came with the facility to share photobooth images over social media. They were also posted after the event on the client’s Facebook page.

We were able to provide photobooth and social media statistics for the client as part of the KPIs for the brand activation. We provided staff to work as part of the event team, and managed the logistics and transport services.

We also transported the props and supported the set up at each location.

We worked alongside the drinks sampling team. Britvic were so pleased with the campaign that they extended our tour to include hospitality events for Bookers and Nisa.

Vinyl wrapped campervan for Britvic.

We supplied the template for branding the campervan.

We used client’s print-ready artwork. On receipt, we produced sample prints, for signed off.

At this stage, we were able to fully laminate wrap the campervan in the Lipton Iced Tea branding.

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Custom interior build of the campervan

We provided bespoke internal templates for client’s artwork.

We then produced and installed a beach themed interior, with blue vinyl seats.

We installed photobooth furnishings

We supplied events staff

We provided trained staff to operate the VW Camper photobooth and work as part of the event team at each location.

Our staff wore branded clothing and supported the client team with talking to the public.

Our team supported the setup activities

We stored and transported the furnishings to include the branded parasols and base units, for the tour.

We assisted with the installation and set down at each event, and ensured that we liaised with the Health and Safety officer and were compliant with all requirements.

Branded props used in campervan photobooth

The public were encouraged to wear branded props for the camper photobooth sessions.

Props were sourced to reflect the theme of the brand.

We kept the props well stocked and refreshed throughout the tour

Branded campervan photobooth instant prints

Branded campervan photobooth instant prints and KPI metrics

We set up a photobooth inside the campervan, with:

  • a 22″ touch screen
  • live preview
  • high res. DSLR camera

We provided branded, instant prints, using the client’s artwork. 

We provided props in line with the client’s requirements.

We enabled online sharing of booth images on social media.

Photobooth sessions data

After each event, we provided data from the VW Camper photobooth on number of images taken and prints circulated

Statistics generation by CTA

The client was able to look at online traffic following the call to action on the instant prints

Measuring social media reach from image sharing

We measured social media reach based on image sharing, of the photobooth images.

Visual asessment of queue lengths

We tracked the queue length over the course of the events

What the client said

Our positive feedback


It has be wonderful working with you over the past few months and I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and all the team for your hard work and dedication.

Joanna Lawlor

Account Director, Arnold KLP

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