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Firestone branded VW campervan hire with photobooth tour

Branded VW Campervan hire with low tack vinyl decals and a themed, integrated photobooth for a promotional tour with Firestone “Road to the Main Stage” – A music competition that aims to find the best-emerging bands in the U.K.

Classic campervan promotional tour London
Branded campervan photobooth hire

Branded campervan hire for conference in London

Buttercup Bus Vintage Campers worked with creative agency WeAreFearless  to provide our Branded VW campervan hire services for promotional events.

We were representing Firestone tyres, for their “Road to the Main Stage” tour, promoting their music competition to find the best-emerging bands in the U.K. and give 1 lucky group the support required to advance their music career.

Our role was to provide a branded campervan, sporting Firestone tyres. Inside the campervan we provided a greenscreen photobooth, complete with themed props, themed greenscreen backdrops and branded instant prints.

We also provided real-time social media sharing of the photobooth images, complete with the tour hashtags, a call to action and weblink.

We provided a driver service, taking the campervan to the Firestone HQ and two Cities to engage with the public; London and Birmingham. Our driver also operated the photobooth.

In the lead up to the event, we worked closely with the creative agency to ensure that our risk assessment paperwork was compliant with the local authority H&S requirements, including the provision of our generator and fuel handling from the public streets.


Vinyl braded campervan

Decal branding on the campervan

We supplied a low tack vinyl decal branded campervan for this promotional tour.

We worked alongside the client to provide a branded campervan with integrated, themed photobooth greenscreen backdrops and branded instant prints.

Check out this case study, for those of you interested in our full vinyl wrapped campervan photobooth services.

Campervan photobooth props
Classic campervan photobooth promotional tour London - buttercupbus.com
branded campervan photobooth instant prints
branded campervan photobooth instant prints

VW Camper photobooth and branded prints

Inside the branded campervan, we supplied an integrated touch-screen photobooth. Users received instant, branded prints, with greenscreen backdrops. Inside the campervan photobooth were themed props .

During the campervan photobooth experience, we integrated an onscreen photo release disclaimer form, to enable any images to be used by our client whilst adhering to data privacy rules.

We also provided the facility for real time image sharing via Twitter, Email and SMS, with all messages using a pre-configured campaign hashtag, call to action and web link. 

How did we help?

Branded campervan promotional tour

Branded campervan hire for promotional events

We provided our re-usable, low tack vinyl decals to brand the campervan. These are a cost effective yet striking alternative to our vinyl wrap services.

We provided the artwork template, and then produced and applied the graphics. We then removed them after the event.


Campervan Photobooth

Inside the branded campervan, we provided one of our integrated, touch screen campervan photobooths. This provided a great way for the public to emmerse themselves in the brand. They could select their own themed greenscreen backdrop, and choose music themed props to pose with. The instant prints matched the same branding as the campervan. All images after the event were sent to the client for commercial use. A photo release form was integrated into the photobooth to secure users’ consent. Users also had the option to  digitally share their images instantly, with a pre-configures hashtag, call to action and web link included, via SMS, Twitter or email.


Firestone brand activation

Fitting Firestone tyres to the campervan to represent the brand

We worked with the agency to provide detailed specifications of the tyre requirements for a classic VW Camper. We then arranged to take delivery of the correct spec tyres and fitted them to the campervan, to ensure that we were fully representing the Firestone brand.

The campervan was then polished and valeted to complete the look.



Health and Safety

We were able to produce all the Health and Safety documentation for our client – to include the Risk Assessments, Method Statements, and appropriate Public Liability cover. We have experience doing this at many venue types and are backed by our own Peninsular consultants.

The campervan was set up in line with the strict Health and Safety requirements, and we provided all the equipment to remain compliant, from PAT certs, to rubber cable matting.

In particular, we provided advice on securing local authority permits, and adhering to strict procedures for using generator power from the street.


Driver included

We planned our route for a timely arrival, ensuring that we were complaint with recommended safe driving hours.

One of our experienced and insured driver team made sure that  the campervan arrived at each of the scheduled locations early.

Our driver then worked alongside the client team and agency brand ambassador team to set up and operate the campervan photobooth. We managed last minute client amandments to travel, and booked strategic hotel stops whilst on the tour.

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