We provided a branded campervan hire to promote Ritter Sport chocolate on a national tour as part of an experiential campaign. We included a full laminate wrap and provided logistics to take part in a national UK promotional tour.  

Branded campervan hire for an experiential campaign
Branded campervan hire for an experiential campaign


  •  Fully branded, classic VW campervan with full vinyl wrap, using our templates to apply the client artwork.
  • Driver for the tour, where we used a mix of our transporter for longer distances, and direct driving for more local venues.
  • Risk assessment documentation and associated kit to enable complaint access across a range of indoor and outdoor venues (From shopping malls to pedestrianised highstreets, high profile London locations and sporting events)
  • Fully insured.
Branded campervan hire for an experiential campaign

We worked with Creative Race  agency to provide branded campervan hire at 8 locations across the UK over a month.

We were promoting Ritter Sport chocolate at a variety of venues, to include indoor shopping malls, pedestrianised highstreets, sporting events and iconic city locations.

The experiential campaign required us to work alongside a third party videobooth supplier. We worked with the supplier to ensure all dimensions were correct for installation of their equipment inside our campervan to enable a video competition to operate from inside. 

The campervan logistics were managed by us, making use of our transporter service for longer distances, and our direct driver for more local work. Our driver team ensured that we were set up in line with H&S requirements at each site, supported with traceable paperwork.

We applied a full vinyl wrap on the campervan for this project – given the nature of the design, we had to consult with the client designa nd the wrap team to ensure lines matched up as the artwork followed VW Camper bodywork contours.

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Branded campervan hire for an experiential campaign

Branded VW Camper with full vinyl wrap

We provided a fully vinyl wrapped, classic VW Camper, designed with the iconic Ritter chocolate squares in a grid.

This required careful consultation to ensure that the complex grid lines aligned around the contours of the campervan.

Branded campervan hire for an experiential campaign

Carriage of experiential campaign equipment in the campervan

We carried the third party videobooth equipment in the campervan for the national tour across 8 locations for one month. 


Events Risk assessment paperwork

 We produced all the risk assessment paperwork required for campervan access to a range of events, both indoor and outdoors.

We made sure that our team were trained accordingly, and came equipped with everything required, to include high vis. jackets,, fire extinguishers , rubber matting,  etc.

All events were supported with traceable paperwork. Furthermore, our head office supported each tour, providing real time updates on vehicle location, expected times of arrival etc.

branded campervan hire with transporter services

Transportation and Logistics Campervan Hire

This was a national tour with long distance travelling – so we provided our transporter services.

This included facilitation around access constraints, security regulations for each event, installation of the set-up at each venue (often at early or late hours where the site was clear of the public) and regional secure storage of the vehicle throughout the tour.


Branded campervan hire for an experiential campaign

Office support through the tour

Our office provided 24 hour support for all matters relating to the campervan.

We ensured all accomodation was booked / ferries for trave to Ireland / transporter logistics / vehicle storage / vehicle tracking and security / team support / any troubleshooting to ensure that the tour ran smoothly and the campervan arrived at each location on time.

Our driver / team worked seamlessly with the brand ambassadors, client and agency to deliver a unified experience. 

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