We worked with Scaramanga Agency, to provided a branded VW campervan popup bar at exhibition stand to promote Excel Civil Enforcement at the IRRV (Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation) annual conference. The campervan popup bar was on brand, and served chilled beer, prossecco and soft drinks at the exhibition stand. The popup bar provided a great focus point to showcase the brand and engage with people.

Branded campervan bar - exhibition stand by Buttercup Bus
Branded campervan bar - exhibition stand by Buttercup Bus


  •  Fully branded, classic VW campervan bar with full vinyl wrap, using our templates to apply the client artwork.
  • Bar conversion complete with prosecco and beer served on tap – instantly chilled using our dispense kit. We alsobrought a fridge to serve chilled soft drinks.
  • Alcohol licensed staff to operate the bar.
  • Logistics provided with transporter 
  • Risk assessment documentation and associated kit to enable complaint access to the exhibition centre
  • Fully insured.
Branded campervan popup bar for exhibition stand - Buttercup Bus

We worked with Scaramanga Agency to provide their client, Excel Civil Enforcement,  with a high profile presence at the IRRV (Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation) annual conference and exhibition taking place in October 2019. The aim was to maximise footfall at their 6-metre square stand, making sure that we attracted lots visitors in an engaging way.

Our branded classic campervan popup bar was depolyed. We worked with both Scaramanga Marketing and Excel Civil Enforcement to assist with the concept and delivery. Our artwork templates were supplied to Scaramanga Marketing and we consulted with them on the compatibility with the natural contours of the campervan. We then worked with our suppliers to put the artwork into production and had it applied to the campervan. This included the inner and outer elevating roof to act as an integrated noticeboard to showcase the brand.

We applied a full vinyl wrap on the branded classic campervan popup bar for this exhibition stand. We also provided a full bar service, using our inhouse bar dispense system, licensed staff and beverage supplies.

How did we help with our branded VW Campervan Popup Bar At Exhibition Stand?

Branded campervan hire for an experiential campaign

Branded VW Campervan popup bar with full vinyl wrap

We provided a fully vinyl wrapped, classic VW Campervan bar for the exhibition stand, including  the front wheel cover, and the elevating roof, which acted as an integrated poster board.

This required careful consultation to ensure that the design aligned around the contours of the campervan.

Branded campervan hire for an experiential campaign

Carriage of experiential campaign equipment in the campervan

Our in-house beer dispense system to serve Glera Frizzante (Prosecco) and lager, instantly chilled on tap. The dispense system instantly caught people’s eye, advertising that we were offering drinks, and encouraging them to engage. Our integrated fridge also served chilled soft drinks. Our licensed staff managed the bar at the 2 day event – ensuring the campervan bar ran smoothly.

Events Risk assessment paperwork


 We produced all the risk assessment paperwork required for campervan access to the exhibition centre.

We made sure that our team were trained accordingly, and came equipped with everything required, to include high vis. jackets, fire extinguishers , rubber matting,  etc.

All events were supported with traceable paperwork and certificates / licenses / insurances.

Furthermore, our head office supported each tour, providing real time updates on vehicle location, expected times of arrival etc.

branded campervan hire with transporter services

Transportation and Logistics Campervan Hire

This exhibition was at the Telford International Centre . To travel the long distance from Croydon,  we provided our transporter and vehicle tracking services. – making sure that we arrived and were set up on time, in line with access rules.

Branded campervan hire for an experiential campaign

Branded Campervan exhibition stand set up

.Our office provided facilitation around access constraints and security regulations for the event, installation of the campervan bar at the venue and communications with event managers for compliance – with all health and safety povisions in place.

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