Covid policy
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Covid policy

This page details our COVID policy, and will be updated as announcements are made by the Government in this ever changing landscape.

See below the two key sections on our deferral and cancellation policy across our different services, and also further down the page, the steps that we have put in place to operate in a COVID safe way.

Event bookings

This section covers our cancellation and deferral policy across our wedding transport, campervan photobooth and popup glitter bar services. See later section for our self-drive hire arrangements.


In the event of the Hirer changing the date of a confirmed booking we will transfer the booking fee to the new date, subject to availability. However, if the new date is unavailable the Hirer will forfeit the booking deposit fee.

In the event that the Hirer changes the date within 30 days of the original agreed wedding date /ceremony, and the new date required is unavailable; then the full balance of the original hire will still be due in full.

The exception to this is if there is a Government restriction actively in place on the booked date, and we are unable to provide our services. In such an event, if we are unable to fulfil the deferred date, then we will issue a refund, and the booking will be cancelled. 

We will allow bookings to be deferred for the first time, within a 12 month period of the original booking, FOR FREE (subject to availability, on a like for like basis).

Subsequent deferrals will incur a £25 +VAT booking fee.

All deferrals must be made within 12 months of the original booking. Any deferrals made for dates beyond this period, will be accepted (subject to availability, on a like for like basis), and will be subject to a £25 + VAT booking fee plus an invoice to cover any gap in pricing, advertised at the time of agreeing the deferral.


and manaAll cancellations must be made in writing (or email) to Buttercup Bus Vintage Campers.

Deposits for bookings that are cancelled within 14 days from the date the booking is confirmed (cooling off period) are refunded 100% as long as the event date is more than 30 days away.

Deposits for bookings that are cancelled after 14 days from the date the booking is confirmed are non-refundable.

Should the Hirer cancel within 30 days prior to the agreed wedding/ceremony date, then the outstanding balance, minus the deposit is still due in full. We will immediately re-advertise the date –  but in the event that we do not secure another booking for the vehicle/s  all monies are still due. If we manage to re-book the date with another customer, all the money paid will be refunded, minus the booking deposit per vehicle.

If the cancellation is made because there is an active Government restriction in place on the actual date of the booking, that prevents us from being able to provide our services, then our preference would be for you to take up our deferral policy. However, if this is not possible, then a refund will be issued, minus any reasonable costs incurred to process and manage your booking – to include card transaction costs, vehicle or prop preperation time and admin.



This section covers our cancellation and deferral policy across our self-drive campervan hire services. See earlier section for our events hire arrangements.


For your campervan holiday hire booking, if you need to change your dates, we will offer this penalty-free, if the deferral is for Covid-related reasons. These include:

  • Local lockdowns in your home location
  • Local lockdowns in your pickup location
  • National lockdowns
  • You or a member of your household develop Covid-19 symptoms

You can either defer to another date within 12 months of the original booking, or receive a credit note to use at any time within 12 months.

This means that you can book your self-drive campervan hire adventure, knowing that your funds are safe. This offer supersedes our standard Terms and Conditions.

We ask that you check who you are allowed to travel with in line with Government guidelines – please refer to the latest government guidance for advice

How does the deferral process work?

We ask that any changes are made no later than 48 hours before your departure date, unless new rules come into play in that time. 

If you choose to move dates we’ll accommodate changes to any date within 12 months of the original booking date (subject to availability across our self-drive campervans). If the new holiday is of greater value you can top it up, or if it is of lesser value we’ll issue you a credit note for the difference. 


In the event of a cancellation the following applies: 

  • Cancellations between the time of confirmed reservation and 28 days (4 weeks) before the rental period- the booking deposit is forfeited.
  • Cancellations between 28 days and 7 days of start of the rental period – a fee of 50% of the balance of the payable hire charge will be incurred.
  • Cancellations less than 7 days before the rental period commences – 100% of the total hire charges are forfeited. However, if we do manage to get another booking for the same van, for the same rental period we will waive the cancellation fee but not the booking deposit.
  • If you change your booking date, we will only honour booking deposits for a period of 1 year from receipt after which time the booking deposit is forfeited (See deferrals). 
  • If you are cancelling for Covid-related reasons, then whilst we would prefer to defer your booking, we can offer a full refund. Covid related reasons include:
    • Local lockdowns in your home location
    • Local lockdowns in your pickup location
    • National lockdowns
    • You or a member of your household develop Covid-19 symptoms
  • Note that refunds do not include cancellations for personal, non-COVID reasons. We advise that you take out holiday insurance to cover all eventualities.



We have put COVID safe working practices in place across our parious services. Please read below, so that you can book with peace of mind.

VW Beetle wedding car London

Wedding transport COVID-Safe working practices


Buttercup Bus Vintage Campers are following all the government recommendations for transport providers to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Included in this is a deep clean of our vehicles before each booking is a thorough vacuum. We then clean using anti-viral disinfectants throughout, particularly in areas of high use such as door handles, switches, seating area using appropriate cleaning products and methods. (A bottle of x-mist will be used to sanitise the campervan. This fogging solution Kills germs & is tested to BS EN 1276 and BS EN 1650.

Driver Hygiene Procedure

All drivers must complete a pre-event COVID-health screening questionnaire before starting work.

If advised that a member of staff has developed Covid-19 and were recently in our premises or the campervan / beetle, (including where a member of staff has visited other work place premises such as domestic premises), the management team of the workplace will contact the Public Health Authority to discuss the case, identify people who have been in contact with them and will take advice on any actions or precautions that should be taken.

Our driver will wear a face-mask, and the window will be open for ventilation. They will also be using hand sanitiser regularly.

Greeting Procedure

Upon arrival at your vehicle, your driver will offer you hand sanitiser and/or wipes, which will also be accessible in the vehicle at all times in a hamper basket.

Our driver will refrain from contact with you by way of shaking hands.

Social Distance

Both drivers and passengers should follow the social distancing rules set by the government when at all possible.  Where possible passengers should use the seats in the rear of the vehicle and using the seat next to the driver as the last option.

campervan photobooth

Campervan photobooth COVID-Safe working practices


In addition to the sanitising practises detailed under our wedding transport services on this page, we also clean the photobooth touch screen and seats inbetween hires with aniti-viral cleaning products.


We offer digital props as part of our photobooths. These can be dragged and dropped by the user onto their photos via the sanitised touch screen.

The physical props are currently under review. At the time of writing this policy, props would not be considered safe to use. As and when that position changes, we will look at including hand gel by the props, keep the used and unused props in clearly marked, separate baskets, and use sanitisation sprays on the used ones before putting them back into the active props box.

Guest book

The guest book station will have hand gel available before use. Pens and glue sticks will be managed, to keep new and used items separate, with used stationary cleaned before going back into circulation.

Using the campervan photobooth

Both the booth operator and the booth users should follow social distancing rules set by the government at the time of the event. This includes who can sit in the campervan as a group together, and distancing when waiting in a line to get into the campervan.

When operating the photobooth, the booth operator can use the touch screen, if guests would prefer not to.

Note that whilst our booths have the feature to enable users to operate the screen by using their own phone, we are cautious about offering this as standard, as requires a decent internet signal – which is outside of our control. Should this be a priority feature for you, please contact us to discuss in advanvce.

glitter popup bar

Popup glitter bars COVID-Safe working practices


Popup bar will be fully sterilised prior to clients arrival.


When providing close contact services, it often may not be possible to maintain social distancing guidelines. As a result, personal protective equipment (PPE) in the form of a visor will be worn, along with a mask, visor and gloves. Glitter artist’s hair will be tied back.

Hand washing

Hands will be washed before and after each client. Hand sanitiser will be available at the station.

Guests will also be advised to wash / gel their hands before the glitter makeup session starts.


Each client will have a separate brush set used on them and brushes will have been pre-cleaned in a sanitising solution in advance.

All cosmetics and tools will be fully cleaned and sanitised prior to clients arrival and normal measures taken to avoid any cross-contamination

The glitter artist will dispose of waste responsibly in a bin bag. Keep surfaces clean and sanitised.


Only one person (the guest) at one time will be allowed into the glitter bar working space. Additional time will be required after each client to sanitise the work area and prepare for the next guest.

classic vw camper hire london

Self-drive holiday hire COVID-Safe working practices


In addition to the sanitising practises detailed under our wedding transport services on this page, we also clean the equipment supplied with the campervan – this includes the lamps, kitchenware and camping chairs.

The X-mist fogging solution in applied once the roof is elevated and the hammocks are pulled out, to ensure sanitisation across all surfaces.

On arrival

Users should have their NHS app to check-in to our location on arrival. This is to support contact tracing.

Check out instructions

To keep the checkout process as efficient as possible, you will be sent a link to an instructional video, covering all aspects of our standard checkout procedure.

Our staff will also do a checkout to cover the same content on yoru arrival – but you will need to stand outside of the campervan during the demonstration.

The checkout video has been divided into topics by chapter. These chapters can be accessed via QR codes placed in relevant sections of the campervan, to support you on the go. eg. There is a QR code that points you to a video on how to change the gas bottle. The code is on the gas bottle cupboard in the campervan.

Test drive

For the driving induction, our staff will need to sit in the passeneger seat up front. They will wear a mask and visor, and the windows will be open for ventilation. Both the driver and the staff member must sanitise hands first.

Optional awning

If there is a hire less than  weeks apart, then the detachable awning is sanitised with x-mist in an enclosed cupboard, turning to cover both sides. This includes the groundshoot, ventilation cap, inner sleeping tent, main fly-sheet and the tent pegs and mallet.

Glove box

Inside the glove box, we supply fresh, bagged gloves for you to use at petrol stations, and bin bags to then dispose of them safely.


Contact Us

Do get in touch, if you have any questions regarding the policy above or any of our services – we are here and ready to help!