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Campervan and beetle popup glitter bar hire

Unapologetically bright and glittery – our popup glitter bars come in different shapes and packages. Operating in a 40 mile radius from Croydon, across London, Surrey and parts of Sussex and Kent.

Three fabulously sparkly popup glitter bars to choose from

Buttercup Bus Vintage Campers are a London (Croydon) based Campervan and Beetle glitter makeup popup bar hire company. We offer beautiful, eco glitter makeup and gems with our glitter artists and unique glitter makeup popup bars.

Perfect for a festival, party, wedding, corporate hospitality events or brand activations.

glitter popup bar surrey - glitterbug
Glitter Bug
Sparkle package £299


  • 2 hour VW Beetle popup glitter bar
  • One glitter artist
  • Eco glitter & gems
  • Setup decorated with neon sign, fluffy stools, table & bunting
Sparkle selfie package £399


  • Everything in the sparkle package plus…
  • Sparkly bright props, including glitter caps, hats, glitter balls, moustaches and bright soft props.
  • Selfie handheld mirror photobooth to look at your new glitter makeover, enhanced with a few props. Take a snap, and email / SMS the image*, once we apply a personalised image overlay.
  • Gallery of all images sent to you after the event.

*If no internet signal, we queue the images to send after the event.

Sparkle & prints package £450


  • Everything in the sparkle selfie package plus…
  • Personalised instant prints, from the professional printer, housed in the open bonnet showcase area of the beetle. 6×4″ large prints. One print per booth session – unlimited booth sessions

*Note that this package requires a mains power socket within 10m of the beetle glitter bar, to power the printer.

campervan popup glitter bar kent

Barnaby Camper Popup

Sparkle & peep package £325


  • 2 hour campervan themed popup glitter bar
  • Campervan themed peep board
  • One glitter artist
  • Eco glitter & gems
  • Setup decorated with neon sign,suspended from floral wooden back frame
 Sparkle, peep & print package £399


  • Everything in the sparkle package plus…
  • Sparkly bright props, including glitter caps, hats, glitter balls, moustaches and bright soft props.
  • Selfie print station. Guests use their own devices to take selfies at the glitter campervan bar or peep board or any images they have taken at your event. They then print direct to our printer station, and the images come out as a personalised 6×4″  instant print.
  • Unlimited prints whilst the glitter bar is open. No internet connectivity required – we can broadcast our own network.
  • Gallery of all images sent to you after the event.

    *Note that this package requires access to a mains power socket within 10m of the popup glitter bar to power the printer.

    campervan glitter bar extra

    VW Camper Glitter Bar

    Sparkle bolt-on package £200


    • This service is only available in conjunction with our campervan photobooth services. A nice addition to a photobooth set up inside the main campervan.
    • 3 hour glitter bar set up in the rear hatch of the VW Camper
    • One glitter artist
    • Eco glitter & gems
    • Setup decorated with light up sign, mirrors and decoration.

    Option: Extra Glitter Artists / Extra Time

    2nd artist: £75 for a two hour service

    Additional hours per artist: £35/hour 

    Option: Custom Logo On The Front Of Barnaby

    Personalise your popup bar with a brushed stainless steel, lazercut 10″ logo £75

    Special 8 Hour Service

    Glitter Bug or Barnaby popup glitter bar,  with instant prints £735

    Includes 2 two glitter artists.

    Perfect for festival or community events / corporate hospitality days.


    Note that any travel into the ULEZ and CC zones in London will incur an additional fee to cover charges and additional time through congested zones.

    Set up and set down based on arrival and departure one hour before and after the glitter bar open time. Contact us to quote for custom access times.

    Booking deposit of £150 to secure the date.

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    Glitter bug glitter popup bar and photobooth surrey
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    popup glitter bar campervan and selfie booth surrey

    Spotlight on our popup glitter bar features

    Check out the various packages and prices we have on offer – they all come with optional extras, which can really make your event pop!

    Campervan peep board

    Peep through board comes with Barnaby glitter bar

    This comes as default with Barnaby the glitter popup bar. Modelled on the seaside favourite peepboard concept,  but bringing our own campervan theme to the style.

    Your guests can get their glitter makeup done at the the campervan themed popup glitter bar, and then head over to this cheerful peep board, to get their friends to take a snap of them posing with their new look.

    The peep board is a painted on a wooden board, set on a sturdy, cast iron stand.

    selfie to printer service glitter bar

    Barnaby - Sparkle, peep & print selfie technology

    If opting for Barnaby the popup glitter bar, wiith the “Sparkle, peep and print” option, we will include an awesome self-print service at the popup bar. Guests use their own devices to take selfies or group photos at the glitter bar, peep board or anywhere on the day of your event. They then connect to our print server by scanning their device at our station, and the images will instantly be printed, on personalised 6×4″ prints, with your event name and date added. We will also give you a gallery of all the images after the event.

    glittery props for popup glitter bar hire london

    Glittery, bright props to wear for selfies

    If you opt for a glitter popup bar with the packages that include the props, then we have a good stock of hats, glasses, moustaches, wigs, glitter balls and funky soft props, that will complement your new glitter makeover for the perfect selfie.

    These props will be on display at the glitter bar station, for anyone wanting to pose at the popup glitter bar. Combined with either the Glitter Bug selfie mirror or the print service with Barnaby glitter bar, these will get your guests laughing!

    Glitter bar selfie mirror photobooth - buttercupbus popup glitter bar

    The selfie mirror option with the Glitter Bug

    The handheld selfie mirror, option, perfectly complements the Glitter Bug popup bar. Complete with integrated LED lights.

    Once you are glittered up,  pickup the selfie mirror, and strike a pose! Better still, add our sparkly props!

    Images are personalised with the event name and date. Guests can share images by SMS or email, and if you include the print package, they will get an instant 6×4″” print from the bonnet of the beetle. We will send you a gallery of the images after the event.

    Contact Us

    We would love to find out more about your planned event – do get in touch, and let’s see how we can add some glittery fun to the day!

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