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Alessi Branded Campervan Marketing Campaign

We provided a branded VW campervan hire with vinyl decal graphics installaton service, along with our driver to take part in a one day London PR tour for Alessi to showcase their products to the publishing houses to gain media interest.

Branded Campervan & Driver Service For A London Publishing House Tour To Showcase and Promote Luxuary Homeware Products in London

Branded campervan hire for a one day London city PR tour. We worked with Alessi to get the artwork signed off, and then put into production the decals. We then we applied the branding on the campervan.

The service included our driver, and facilitation of custom interior fitting to showcase products at publishing house appointments.

Risk assessment documentation, consultation on tour route planning, parking licenses  and timings were all included with our branded campervan hire services for this PR tour.

Low-tack vinyl decals, laser cut into simple shapes and applied to he campervan

We provided the client with our tried and tested campervan artwork template. We then consulted with them over the artwork placement in relation to the campervan.

On sign-off, we then sent the artwork into production and then applied the decals as per their design.

Product showcase

The client provided an interior designer to come to our workshop in advance to style the placement of the products inside the campervan for maximum visual effect whilst out on tour.

We arranged to be at the workshop to receive delivery of the products and store them safely, ready for the interior designer to install.

Campervan promotional tour ascross London

Our friendly driver took the campervan on a tour across designated London publishing houses, where we had appointments to park up , ready for the client brand ambassador team to showcase the Alessi brand and their products to media influencers .

Working with a tropical Santa

The client had booked a tropical themed Santa, who we worked with the showcase the products across London. The tropical theme was relevant over one of the hottest summers in London!

Admin support throughout the project

We providede guidance and advice to the client team on licensing to ensure that the promotional activity was compliant with authority regulations, to include  constraints over taxi licensing laws, parking regulations and events notices.

We came with insurance for campervan promotional  hire usage both for whilst on the road driving,  and the associated public liability cover.

All events were supported with traceable paperwork. Furthermore, our head office supported each  leg of the tour, providing real time tracker updates on vehicle location, expected times of arrival etc.

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