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Hollister – Branded promotional VW Campervan hire

We provided a branded promotional VW Campervan hire to an agency along with our logistics services for a national tour to promote the launch of the new Hollister Wave 2 fragrance for men and women.

Branded promotional VW Camper

Buttercup Bus VW Campers have enjoyed working with agency iMP, where we provided our fully laminate wrapped, branded promotional VW Campervan hire, along with our transporter and driver services. We were on a UK tour, to support the launch of the new Hollister Wave 2 fragrance for men and women. .

We worked with iMP’s campaign manager, providing our tried and tested campervan laminate wrap template for the Hollister artwork to be mapped onto. We then produced and installed the final wrap.

We provided transporter and driver services, ensuring that the branded promotional VW Campervan hire was set up as required at each venue. The tour included visiting London, Cardiff, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Superdrug HQ in Croydon.

We receiving delivery of a palate of the perfume to be sampled, and transported it in the campervan along with promotional leaflets to be distributed on the tour.

Vinyl wrapped VW campervan

The branding on the campervan was applied by us as a managed service.


  • We supply template for branded camper
  • We used the client’s artwork and consult on compatible designs with campervan contours
  • Sample prints signed off
  • We fully laminate wrap the camper
  • We remove the vinyl from the campervan afterthe tour

Driver service for the branded campervan

For the local part of the tour (London) we drove the campervan directly, from our base in Croydon.


  • We provided our driver team for touring London
  • We carry promotional product samples and leaflets
  • We consult the agency on parking / licensing
  • Comes with our route planning and tracking services

Transporter services for long diatance touring

For long distance travel, we provided our transporter service with the campervan.


  • We supplied our transporter services for long distance touring
  • We have an operators license for this work
  • We advised agency on transporting stock within legal weight thresholds for the tour

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