Wooden campervan gift set for crafts

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Basil Gets New Campervan Wedding Bunting

Basil Bus gets some beautiful new campervan wedding bunting Today, an exciting package arrived in the post. It was a beautifully packaged box, lined with purple tiisue paper. What was inside?.... A beautiful set of pink and green pastel campervan wedding bunting for...

Thanking our Key Workers – win a wedding in Kent

T hanking our Key Workers - Win your wedding in Kent COVID-19 has given us something to reflect on. Given us space and time to think about those things that we really value and are grateful for. It has also left we with an element of feeling helpless, as I've seen the...

London Campervan Hire – VW Camper Restoration Project

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VW Campervan Hire Roadtrip – Vanlife : Abbey – While I’m Here

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Postpone – but don’t be a stranger – Our response to Coronavirus

Given the current circumstances, in response to Coronavirus, we have decided to temporarily offer the opportunity to reschedule any event to another date.

International Womens Day 2020 – London Campervan Hire

There is always something going on at the workshop. We currently have two vehicle restorations underway - and a top secret project, which we will be announcing later this spring - so watch this space.Check out the article we had published last year, on the "Anything...

Campervan photobooth response to the coronavirus

Our campervan photobooths will come with a beautifully presented hamper, containing tissues, anti-bacterial hand wash. anti-bacterial wipes and a little recyclable waste bag, to tidy any rubbish or tissues away.Surrey photobooth response to the coronavirus The media...

Wedding car company in Surrey responds to coronavirus

Our weddings cars will come with a beautifully presented hamper, containing tissues, anti-bacterial hand wash. anti-bacterial wipes, paper straws for those of you drinking refreshments, and a little recyclable waste bag, to tidy any rubbish or tissues away.For those...

Showcasing our sussex wedding car hire services

The East Sussex wedding venue is a stunning 400-acre working sheep and fruit farm, locatyed at Clayton farm, Peasmarsh, Rye TN31 6XS  Our VW Beetle sussex wedding car hire travels to The Cherry Barn. Every year, we showcase our campervan wedding car and beetle...

Author: Liz Gatherer, Wedition
Photo credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones


Having an outdoor wedding is the perfect way to create a wedding that is bespoke to you and tailored to your dreams and desires. Liz Gatherer from Wedition explores a number of different ideas and options for you to consider and how you can perfectly compliment your day with your own personalised wedding magazine. A unique way to share your story with your guests and bring your wedding story to life. After all, your wedding day is all about the happy ending of one story and the beginning of your next story together!

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Outdoor wedding ideas – activity stations

Outdoor weddings may mean you will have various activities going on in different locations. Perhaps you will have tipis – one may be a chill out tipi, one may be for the children to play, you may have a tipi for the wedding cake (just in case there is bad weather, it will be protected). Perhaps you have organised some outdoor games, from giant Jenga to archery there are no limits to the activities and ideas with an outdoor wedding! Maybe you have booked the Butttercup Bus Campervan Photobooth … with so many activities taking place, it would be great if you could give your guests a guide to the day, a floorpan to what’s where. Wedition is so versatile, you can include the things that are most important to you, if you would like to have a guide to your day within your Wedition this will be a great way to be sure your guests do not miss out on any of the fun and games that you have organised!

wedition outdoor wedding ideas bubbles

Outdoor wedding ideas for the aisle:

Weddings which are outdoors are a fabulous opportunity to put your own personal stamp on your ceremony. The aisle can be in any shape and configuration you like, perhaps rather than rows of chairs you will go for a spiral – giving everyone a front row seat. You may choose to position the chairs in a circle and you take your vows in the circle’s centre – a circle is a meaningful way to symbolise never-ending love and support from your family and friends.

Some venues will not allow you to use naked flames (fire hazard) or scatter flower petals (stain risk), with an outdoor wedding you can most certainly do this! You can line the aisle with candles in storm lanterns, you can line the bottom of the lantern with coloured sand to fit in with your colour scheme, or perhaps pebbles or shells. Use bales of hay to display flowers, these later can become extra seating for your guests. Have flower girls scatter petals along the route you will take or ask your guests to blow bubbles as you walk along the aisle after the ceremony has taken place.

You can choose to detail your outdoor wedding aisle ideas within your Wedition, a great way to explain to your guests all the thoughts and details which have gone into your day. Wedding guests are not always aware of the reasons behind the choices you have made, letting them know by giving them this beautiful keepsake will ensure that your outdoor wedding ideas will be talked about for years to come.

outdoor wedding aisle ideas wedition

Changes in UK law to make your outdoor wedding ideas the real deal:

There are so many incredible options for couples to choose from when getting married, certainly many more than in my parents day. When my parents married, all that was needed was a church, and the adjoining church hall for the reception, there was certainly not much choice on how and where to get married. 50 years later and we are absolutely spoilt for choice, and it looks like the range of choice is about to get wider. The October 2018 budget  saw the UK government keen to reform the wedding laws which have been in place since 1836 and bring England and Wales in line with Scotland which has a far more relaxed policy and allows couples to marry in a variety of locations. This in turn will bring the rise of the outdoor wedding and with it, many wonderful outdoor wedding ideas!
Until the law is changed, a couple’s outdoor wedding would not be legal and it is likely they would have to then complete the necessary paperwork at the registry office or have another ceremony, this time legal, at a licensed venue.

outdoor wedding ideas changes to the law wedition

Wedition: bringing your wedding story to life

We create a beautiful personalised wedding magazine styled to your wedding theme and colour scheme. A bespoke memento of your day that your family and friends will cherish forever, Wedition is a unique way to make your wedding stand out and bring your wedding story to life for your loved ones.

Get in touch with Liz to arrange your Discovery Session and share the story of your outdoor ceremony with your guests in a way they will remember forever!

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