The Benefits of a Branded Campervan Exhibition Stand

At Buttercup Bus we know how important exhibition marketing is to your business and what it can offer you in the long and short term. Here are the benefits of using a Branded Campervan Exhibition Stand theme at your marketing event, and how we can help!

Exhibition stands are a great way to show off your brand or business and what you have to offer your potential or current clients. 

At Buttercup Bus, we know this better than anyone and, through our services such as our camper photobooths, glitter bars and ice cream bar, we understand the potential your company’s exhibition stand could have.

Let us take you through why we think a Branded Campervan Exhibition Stand might be the perfect option for you and your business!


Increased Engagement

Engagement with potential and current clients is, of course, right at the top of any company’s list of what they would want to achieve with an exhibition stand.

We offer several services that have a high potential of achieving this for you, such as our camper photobooths, ice cream bar and camper glitter bars. These services come with that irresistibly nostalgic, quirky vibe that can really help draw people in and bring them closer to your business and who you are as a company – A truly distinctive method of advertising!

As part of these services, you could work in areas such as delivering 1-minute pitches whilst applying glitter as part of our glitter bar, using QR codes on ice cream tubs with links to your website, social media accounts or even a video, or having company logos on photobooth pictures.

These methods are also great KPIs (key performance indicators), allowing you to quickly understand what marketing materials are working and how to best target your audience, such as how many prints have been given out for photobooths, or how many ice creams have been sold – All in all a great advertising technique, with that nostalgic, quirky vibe to boot!







Branded Campervan Exhibition Stand at birmingham NEC - Expo stand
Camper branded hire
VW camper stand

Better for the Environment

Despite these ideas of increased engagement and marketing, we also understand our responsibility to the environment and how important this is to you and your business as well!

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and believe that our services offer a unique alternative to the traditional exhibition stand, which often uses more electricity and throw away assets that damage the world around us. 

An obvious example of how we are different is the general aesthetic of what we can offer. For example, instead of having multiple TV screens exhibiting your product, which uses up huge amounts of electricity, you could use our services instead, such as putting your logo on our campers or using QR codes – delivering the same level of engagement, with minimal damage to the environment. 

Other marketing materials that we use are also re-usable, again being better for the environment and the image of your company. An example of this might be using digital images as part of our photo booths and allowing people to download their images online. This again creates a large amount of engagement and potential traffic to your company website, but also leaves out the throwaway culture we all want to avoid!

Better for You, Better for Everyone

So there you have it. Exhibition stands are a great way to appeal to a wide audience of potential and current clients and to exhibit your company’s ideals and products. Businesses are always looking for something different in this area, and we think that our unique, quirky and nostalgic Branded Campervan Exhibition Stand services might be exactly what you’re looking for!

To find out more about how we can help make your marketing event a success, or to find out about our other services, visit our website at

We can’t wait to have a chat!



Here are some amazing images of our services and campers in action! Image Credits to @hiroartswedding

exhibition shell scheme branded campervan hire
VW camper stand
camper exhibition stand
Branded VW Campervan popup bar hire for promotional event buttercupbus
camper glitter bar
camper marketing stand
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