Data Security: How We Keep You Safe with Campervan Holiday Rentals

As a proud provider of classic VW holiday services, we know it’s important we do all we can to make your holiday a truly relaxed and freedom-filled experience! This doesn’t stop at keeping your data and identity safe. Let us explain our data security system and how we strive to keep you safe online when collecting insurance identification paperwork.

Nowadays, keeping your data safe is essential…

From the transfer of sensitive documents to your identity, it must be kept out of the grasp of those wanting to do damage or steal.

This is why at Buttercup Vintage Campers, we have implemented a complete data security system that keeps you safe and allows you to have an amazing time away, without the worry! Keep reading to find out about our system and how we aim to protect you and your data from harm.

london classic vw camper rental - buttercup bus

One of the Buttercup Bus Campervans – behind the wheel!  Photo credit to Caroline Opacic Photography / @carolineopacicphotography

galaxkey campervan rental data protection

Our System

At Buttercup Bus, we take our camper holidays very seriously! We aim to help you create amazing memories, with the least amount of stress.

This is why we use Galaxkey – providing a workspace with data encryption and a secure workspace to transmit and store your sensitive data.

This service designed to keep all your important data such as insurance documents, bank statements, credit card bills, or any other form of document safe with us!

Certified by the National Cyber Security Network, Galaxkey’s system works through end to end encryption, and every user must present the correct identity and authorisation before being able to access any document. This means that data can only be accessed at its destination (by us).

Using Galaxkey, you can share files securely, with the peace of mind that we can securely store and track those files and documents, keeping them safe!







Why We Use This System

Many of our clients ask us if they can send their documents over via email. Although we use email for standard communications, Email was never intended to be a secure mechanism for sending sensitive data, so we don’t use it for sending or recieving people’s personal identification paperwork, such as utility bills, drivers licenses and bank statements.

Using standard email, would mean that data could be stored directly onto your computer or copied across multiple devices, rather than storing it centrally in a secure cloud environment. This can leave data vulnerable to hackers.

You also don’t know how many networks or servers a message will pass through before it reaches its destination via email. This means those emails might be visible to third parties!

All in all, emails just aren’t secure enough, and with hacking and data theft being rife in the modern technological age, an end to end encryption service such as Galaxkey (with their unique three-layered encryption architecture, where each layer must be removed before you can see the one below.) is a far safer and secure way of transferring and storing personal documents and data.

VW Camper History

What We Do With Hard Copies

Inevitably, sometimes we can’t get around using hard copies of documents for those who don’t have internet access or don’t want to use the online Galaxkey system. 

Although hard copies are at higher risk of theft, if you do wish to use them there’s no need to worry! We have systems in place to dispose of any sensitive data of this kind. 

When using hard copies, we dispose of them through professional certified shredders, such as Simply Shredding (as seen below), where all documents are disposed of, and certified – leaving no trace of any sensitive documents that may fall into the wrong hands!

data security holiday hire

Stress Free Camper Fun!

Keeping your data secure is massively important to us and we pride ourselves on our security.

All of our insurance document checks for our amazing classic VW camper holiday hire, are supported by Galaxkey, so you can rest easy knowing that relaxing on your adventure will be that bit easier!

So, why not book your classic campervan holiday hire today?  We’re always here to help, and look forward to helping make your camper dreams a reality!



Here are a few pictures of our amazing campers on their holidays! The picnic photos with our yellow campervan called Buttercup, have image credits to: @julieskeltonphoto

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