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Branded campervan photobooth hire

Branded campervan photobooth fun for your experiential campaign.

We offer branded campervan photobooths, complete with branded instant prints and online image sharing. Our VW Camper photobooths offer great opportunities to generate KPI data whilst providing a fun way for the public to engage with a brand.

Perfect for festivals, hospitality events, experiential campaigns and exhibitions!

Branding opportunities we can provide with the campervan photobooth

Branded campervan photobooths

Branded camperbooth

Full laminate wraps

Simple magnetic vinyl logos

See one of our case studies here

Campervan photobooth branded props

Branded props

Branded props for users to wear in booth

Foam fingers, hats, glasses etc

Distribute props to users after booth experience

branded classic campervan photobooth instant prints

Branded instant prints

Users’ branded prints takeaway

Include QR codes, discount codes

Add a call to action on the prints

Promotional events setup -

Branded setting

Exhibition stands

Branded parasols, deck chairs etc

Seasonal settings

greenscreen photobooth

Branded green screen

Branded backdrops in camperbooth

Themed backdrops in camperbooth

Multi-backdrops for users to select

Brand ambassadors

Promo booth staff

Trained photobooth operators

Brand ambassadors

Campervan drivers

Capturing data to measure your successful campaign

Our branded campervan photobooths can be set up to bring key measurable benefits to your campaign. With online, branded photobooth image sharing, online surveys to capture data in the booth, and other data generated from footfall, props distributed, etc, plenty of relevant KPI data can be generated.

Use the booth to increase user engagement and to generate valuable data!

A digital presence with measurable data

branded vw campers

Online photo sharing

Upload branded digital images to your social media page

Get users to share their images, with a campaign hashtag

Have separate kiosk at the camper to share images

branded vw campers

Collect survey data

Capture user data in the booth

Generate a mailing list

Run a survey and print results on instant prints

Sign users up to a competition as part of the campaign

branded vw campers

KPI data

Measure footfall / Number of prints circulated / Website traffic generated / Social media traffic generated / Coupon codes on prints used / Hashtag usage / Mailing list generated / Branded props circulated / Products sampled to booth users / Subscribers to a competition / Media coverage

Our experience will help with your planning

Having worked at high profile public spaces to include music festivals, shopping malls and city landmarks, we can provide metrics on anticipated footfall, camperbooth visits, and impact of booth features on speed of throughput to help with your planning.

We can assist agencies with presenting the camperbooth concept and its branding potential to their clients!

What can we offer you?

Staff provision (brand ambassadors)

Customised campervans for your experiential hire

Logistics services


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