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Bearded Theory – Family Friendly Festival

Are you planning your family friendly festival diary? The clever folks at Bearded Theory (a festival which is now in its 9th year) have come up with a GENIUS idea which takes child friendly to a whole new level…. no need to worry about taking the kids out of school a day early because … get this… for the second year running they are running a festival school which is OFSTED registered.

We don’t agree with schools fining parents for taking their children on life enriching experiences. We don’t believe that education has to have 4 walls.

The festival takes place at Catton Hall in  South Derbyshire, from 26-29 May – and on Friday 27th, their festival school will be open to children from 5 to 16 years old.

They have sessions planned to mirror the national curriculum!

You enrol your children for the school, and once registered, the organisers send an information pack to the children’s school directly, along with the organisers’ contact details in case the school has any queries.

Attendance of the festival school is still down to the discretion of the pupil’s Head teacher –  but last year, being OFSTED registered, schools up and down the country authorised absences for children to attend this festival school!

The classes scheduled include core topics like maths, English and history and also tip their hat to the Olympics in Rio this summer with sessions on Olympic sports, carnival costume making, samba drumming, Brazilian sweet making and Brazilian Portuguese language learning.

Bearded Theory - family friendly
Bearded Theory - family friendly
Bearded Theory - family friendly
family friendly vw camper festival

Here are a few photos from our own family visit to this festival a few years back – before they introduced the festival school. We took one of the VW Campers with us – perfect to get in the festival vibe – and great accommodation for the children. You can hire a retro VW Camper from us to take on your own festival tour – check out our website here.

You can read more about Bearded Theory and their forward thinking Festival School here: