Now… anyone who knows me also knows that I come with a label on my back which clearly states the instructions “keep warm at all times!”. Yes… I am a sunshine person… bare feet, summer dresses and all that… but… the end of summer is not all bad… Autumn comes with it’s own uninhibited hijacking of the senses when you take a woodland stroll over a rich carpet of golden crunchiness.

When ace Surrey photographer, Amanda Duncan, asked us to collaborate on an autumnal photo shoot for Mad Lilies florist in Banstead, I had to take her up on the offer – a chance to roll Belinda Bus’ wheels over those leaves, and show off her duck egg blue paintwork against the colourful autumn backdrop… putt putt putt – here we come!

vw camper photoshoot London

The photo shoot was beautifully styled with a model that looked fab in her hunter wellies and tan coat – see… you can be stylish and still wrap up warm!!

The beautiful bouquets being showcased in the shoot really were breathtaking – in arrays of greens, yellows, pinks and purples… and the autumn inspired decor on the chair was original and elegant…

Mad Lilies Florist Surrey


Four legged friend, and model superstar (Duffy the dog), became quite at home with our own four wheeled Belinda Bus. Just look how chilled out he looks below. I think he could give some lessons to my own crazy and mischievous woof woof who would not sit still for anything!

vw camper hire london


vw camper hire surrey


The thing that made this photo shoot the most enjoyable was the amazing team of people, all passionate about what they do… which was clear by the fantastic results of the shoot. Everyone rolled their sleeves up and got stuck in, wanting to make the shoot a real success – check out my iphone “behind the scene shots” below!

vw camper photo shoot

Behind the scenes – everyone got stuck in, passionate about their work.

Anyone looking for a florist that offers comtemporary British floristry with a twist of Mad Lilies genius, then pop over to this website here to check out their awesomeness.

Amanda, thank you so much for getting us involved in this photoshoot – it was a real pleasure working with you, and I am looking forwards to the next project where I may venture out into the snow! (All photos apart from my iphone behind the scenes shots) are credited to super talented Amanda Duncan Photography – check out her website here.



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