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Hurrah. Have you felt the festival energy retro campervan friends surrounding us for what is the biggest, baddest, most beautiful festival on planet earth? Happening right now in the green pastures of a little place called Glastonbury. Feeling that buzz in the air? Or moisture? We’re excited both our girls Buttercup VW Camper and Belinda VW Campervan are back down there. Having been regular Glastonbury festival go-ers for the last 4 years!

A quote from one happy VW camper hirer on her checkout with Buttercup Camper went like this “If it rains we’re so lucky to have a roof!!! It’s that simple. That’s why you can go superior glamping with hiring a VW Campervan. I can shout from 1st hand experience that ‘glamping’ in a tent is not all that its cracked up to be. Friggin freezing for starters and another beautiful after thought is have you considered the awesomeness of campervan status. Fellow festival go-ers think you are the rock gods of the camping world! Especially if it is raining. You can set up the table, invite some new friends in to share a beer and chat your epic stories of all the goings on with music, dance and strange outfits whislt laughing at people falling over in the mud.

Have we painted a sweet picture here? Demand for these weekends are growing year on year out with loads of emails flooding in requesting hiring campervans for festivals. We strongly suggest you get in touch for all enquiries on next years summer rentals as dates for Glastonbury, V Festival, Lattitude, Isle of Wight, Bestival fly off the shelves.

Dare we say it – a cost effective way to spend quality time with your mates and a means of getting from A to B without queuing for the train! Buttercup Camper seats 5-6 people, so weekend hire and petrol surely beats 5 train tickets?! This is the UK we’re talking about, travel is expensive via the great british train network!

Anyhoo, we’re off to watch some glasto highlights on the TV with a cuppa! Get in touch with your festival stories in the comments below or stop on by our facebook page! Toot!

Chats soon campers!