poppy delevingne wedding, vw campervan, retro vw campervan hire london   Photo Credit: Metro (www.metro.co.uk)

What a fabulous time we had in London last week with ButtercupBus hitting the headlines left right and centre. We acted as official VW Camper wedding transport for the Bridal Party at Poppy Delevingne and James Cook’s Celebrity Wedding on Friday 16th May 2014. Did you spot all the lovely press coverage of Buttercup Camper and Pushka Camper in the likes of all the national press including The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Metro and magazine publications including Grazia, Hello and Harper’s Bazaar? Our favourite snap being Cara Delevingne placed in front of Buttercup Campervan obviously acting as an amazing backdrop – thank you team Metro!!

So last Friday. It was just another day in the office and another afternoon heading out into central London for a wedding booking. However this one turned out to be a booking with 1,000’s of paparazzi who also came to hang out with the Delevingne family and the girl of the moment Cara Delevingne. So what were we doing attending a celebrity wedding? Pushka Camper and Buttercup Camper were booked to transport the majority of Poppy’s 17 bridesmaids from Claridges Hotel to St.Paul’s church in Knightsbridge.

I guess we have the two paparazzi chaps at Claridges to thank for giving us the heads up on the afternoon ahead of us. They found us doing a 3-point turn down the back of Claridges ha ha….I initially thought….wow the wedding photographer is on top of their game getting the ‘arrival’ shot….duff! To be honest we were a little oblivious to the whole event and can easily say it was a pleasant surprise. The campers love rocking out to any wedding but it’s always nice to see yourselves in the paper the next day and just to experience the whirl wind of a top society event! We are very honored to have attended!

For us the main event was arriving into St Paul’s Church. I wish I could show you the frenzy but that would have meant taking a cheeky iphone photo whilst driving a bus load, so you’ll have to settle for a couple post drop off behind the scene photos taken by myself and Alec. poppy delevingne wedding, vw camper hire, london vw camper

Photo Credit: Laura Radford and Alec Bruce

The best was hearing a paparrazzi bloke snigger away at the back of his car uploading the images for the fast turn around. He was complaining that Poppy didn’t give them a photo opportunity before she walked in. Um….well, she had a wedding to get to dude. All the paps had their MacBook laptops all set up along the surrounding streets. What a sight. One chap even mounted a car to get a good viewing platform. It has to be said the security team controlling the access to the church were amazing. Even they took a few snap happy shots with the wedding cars whilst the service was going on!

Anyhoo, we were upgraded from our drop off spot down the side street to the main church entrance area, ready to transport the wedding party onto the reception. Alec drove Pushka camper right up into the entrance area behind the bridal car. Buttercup slipped into a space. It was all a mad dash really. The little bridesmaids piled in and what seemed like the very well educated nanny. Then the photographer jumped in. Then we had a request to transport some blokes crutches.

Then the main task was to beep the guests as they surrounded us, nattering away probably posing in front of the press. But a few toots later, Pushka camper lead the way, buttercup camper in tow alongside the awesome looking Karma Kars. They’ve inspired us to get thinking about matching uniforms. Watch this space! Then if you’re ever out in London on a drive. You have to do this route. We passed on through Hyde Park, dodging cyclists and folks basking in the sunlight!

What a glorious evening for a Wedding reception at the Kensington Palace Gardens. Unloaded a couple of bags, and boom. Our job was done! We’re looking forward to seeing the coverage in Hello Magazine which is due out in the shops this week.


Delevingne Wedding VW Camper 1

Buttercup Bus VW Campers at Poppy Delevingne’s wedding – Photo credit Alan Davidson / Daily Mail website.

Buttercup Bus VW Campers at Poppy Delevingne's wedding

Buttercup Bus VW Campers at Poppy Delevingne’s wedding – Photo credit Alan Davidson / Daily Mail website.