Busy Bee. I wonder where that term comes from? Well let’s sit on this for a wee moment… Apparently from 1386 and via Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales according to www.phrases.org.uk ….thank you Google. You have officially added another level of knowledge to our mind palettes….awesome!

So how is everybody? You all good? Fancy a moment of procrastination? Come and say hello on our facebook page and share a thought for all of us to ponder.

Back to the grind. Time is flying this year and we are going from strength to strength with the launch of the Buttercup Bus Campervan Photo Booth. Since November we have indeed been busy bees. The most recent addition to operation photo booth hire is the arrival of Jenny. Jenny is our on location generator that gives us the power to keep the photo booth running all day and every day!  With Jenny, we can operate at any wedding venue unlike other photo booth operators we don’t require an electrical hook up. How cool is that!! So we can come along to your wedding day, park up just wherever (with prior permission from the venue) and get the party started! Perhaps in a spot by the wedding marquee or alongside the venue gardens so you can pop into the photo booth at the same time of the drinks reception? Either way we will try our best to tailor everything for you guys so it’s a win, win all around!!!

We also had a day of fun ‘n’ frolics putting together the photo booth hire promotional video. In this case we had the lovely Belinda vw campervan step up and act as our host for the day!! With our campervan photo booth packages you can expect either Pushka (cream camper), Belinda (pale blue camper) or Buttercup (pale yellow camper) to turn up. Each comes with their own unique quirkiness.

Please stop on by and watch the photo booth campervan hire video here and you can see what all the fuss is all about. We’ve been so lucky to have the fabulous Animoto who are the cool kids behind our new wave of video content. We have fun putting them together and I reckon it comes across. We have so many more plans up our sleeves, watch this space for more surrey photo booth hire action coming to you this summer season.

You will also see fresh updates on the Buttercup Bus Website. There are two photo booth packages:

-The Daisy Package @ £395

-The Sunflower Package @ £475

Please jump to the Website to see all the ins and outs and determine which photobooth package you would like.

Righto, it’s been a pleasure. Love you to write us a comment and tell us what props we should add to the funky campervan photo booth prop collection? Maybe a lifesize Justin Bieber?

Stay Awesome Campers!