First of all this is our first blog post of 2014 – hurrah! We have BIG plans for Buttercupbus and can’t wait to take you on this journey with us as 2014 is going to be a bumper year. Gushing aside. We wanted to do a blog series on our fellow wedding community who work alongside us in this crazy fun industry. From Wedding planners to florists to caterers and starting with our toggy friends….Wedding Photographers.

Now these guys are there on site before we arrive and after we leave. They come in 1’s, 2’s and sometimes 3’s with a whole heap of equipment. We love it when they show us their equipment *wink*…….he he…..joking aside….we do….as the camper girls get all glammed up and are ready ‘n’ waiting for their photo to be taken. We love the Bride and Groom to stand, and pose, and be posed with the girls. Photographers grab lovely bokeh filled shots of the ‘Just married’ sign, with the couple helming the wheel, to cute cosy shots across the back seats. Then you can get a beautiful wide sweeping shot of the campers and couple’s canoodling in front of their venue.

A firm favourite of ours is a shot by Alexander Leaman Photography showcasing the lovely Buttercup Camper at a surrey wedding with the lovely couple Lizzie and Frank. Talk about a sweeping shot eh!

Photo Credit: Alexander Leaman Photography /

Now going into 2014 we have a whole fleet to offer you for wedding hire. If you need to ferry around the wedding party why not look into our combo packages? The girls look great arriving in convoy together, where you can choose your colour ribbons and get our drivers to toot your arrival! Toot toot!

Here’s to creating more sweeping VW camper and Beetle photographs in 2014…..will the next one be yours?

ButtercupBus Team