It’s like an end of an era today as we hear of more sad news on the future of VW Camper van production in Brazil. Can you believe after 63 years of production the factory doors will be closing this Christmas. Brazil was the last country outside of Germany to still produce VW campervans.

Our VW comrades held an exhibition in San Bernado do Campo in Brazil to honor the production of the Kombi bus. Production will end on 31st December 2013 all because of new enforced safety laws. Well if anyone has been to Brazil you will understand getting any law enforced is a battle in itself. You never know there may be a VW campervan saint out there who will take it over?! But fair enough the new safety regulations are kind of important mandating every vehicle must have air bags and anti locking braking.

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Hippies, surfers and retro lovers alike will be reflecting on this day recalling lots of colourful memories the great VW Campervan has brought us! It’s just part of life I suppose where all good things come to an end…..or do they??

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Photo Credit: Daily Mail Newspaper and Getty Images