What’s that song…. if you like it you should have put a ring on it….well he liked it and yes he put a ring on it…..and chose to do so on a VW camper holiday in our very own Belinda bus!! Wahhhhhhhhhoooooo toot! How amazingly awesome is that?


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A huge ButtercupBus shout out to the very fabulous Neil and Louise who got engaged toot toot mid hire on their trip down to the south coast!! Toooooooot!! What a scrumptious family with little cutey Bailey and Millie the dog!

They have very kindly shared with us some cracking behind the scenes shots for us all to ooooh and ahhhhh over. Well, mainly creating jealously over what looks like a scrummy yummy fish ‘n’ chips beachside style dinner that Neil has his hands on.

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But go Louise and her rock! What a wonderful story to tell friends and family. We salute you Neil for the idea and vintage vw twist! Now you’re just going to have to push the boat out or easier still, hire the entire VW fleet for the wedding day itself with campers and beetles galore.

Anyhoo we wish you all the happiness in the world as was totally our pleasure to have met such a gorgeous family as yourselves.

Best of luck with operation building LegoCamper (photo to follow later in the year on completion we hope and dream!), have a super engagement and enjoy/delegate all the wedding planning as much as poss!!!

Muchus love for sharing ya snaps – check out Belinda bus sunning it up in Kent!

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And to our fellow readers, please share with us your camper stories, news and tribulations!

ButtercupBus Team



Get your Instagram on!!!! love this shot!!

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