To celebrate the arrival of Beatrix our wedding Beetle in London, we would like to take you to the movies with us and roll off some amazing beetle movie/tv moments! The ButtercupBus crew have been getting all excited about growing the VW camper family at our Croydon base in August. Yes…this August, that’s like oh so many weeks away. Ahhhhh those lazy summer days….Beatrix Beetle with her sun roof down and champagne corks bursting to celebrate her launch! We’re excited, you better get excited and help us spread the word that there’s a new chick on the block and coming to a wedding near you in and around London!!!

Now let’s roll up the sleeves, put down that pen and get you absorbing some vital quiz worthy knowledge for a few moments…rev up those engines/brains…it’s Beetle boffin time!!!!

Movies and Ads featuring Volkswagen Beetles

Beetle Juice – I’m on the fence with this one?!

Herbie…durrrr!! I didn’t put it as number 1 as that’ll be stating the obvious!!

**TANGENT ALERT!!!** Imagine if the batmobile was a beetle… Martin Luther King, that’s our dream!!

The Love Bug

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Fight Club

The Simpsons…not a movie, but a classic meets classic eh!

Dude where’s my car….greatest movie everrrrrrrr, but also features the new vw beetle!!

Well we got the ball rolling…do keep us posted if you can trump our suggestions…leave a comment and lets create some of our own ‘beetle’ mania!!! Do check back here for more updates on Beatrix Beetle as we’ll be revealing her good looks very soon. We can’t wait to have all 3 busses lined up with Beatrix beetle added to the set up, now that’s what we call a photograph to show off to the masses!