Now, running a VW Camper hire business, I get to meet many wonderful people who have a love for all things V-Dub… but Helen and Darren’s Surrey campervan wedding back in April was something quite special.


vw camper wedding surrey

Helen and Darren's wedding with Buttercup - Photo credit:

VW Campers had been in their family history, with the bride’s late father being a VW dealer, selling brand new, shiny campers back in the 1970s. (I bet that they have some AMAZING pictures for the family albums.) As I was driving the Bride’s family to the ceremony at Denbies Wine Estate in Surrey, I enjoyed listening to them reminisce fondly on the adventures their family had experienced, going on campervan trips together.It was a real honour to play our part on Helen and Darren’s day, given the family significance of campervans, and I am sure that we did Helen’s father proud with her arriving in style with Buttercup, our primrose coloured 1970s VW Camper.

They say that “the sun shines on the righteous” and it certainly did for Helen and Darren as they went for a little drive in Buttercup onto the wine estate for their wedding photos.

It just so happened that Buttercup’s pale yellow colour scheme matched the colours chosen for the wedding theme perfectly! There were lots of lovely little campervan details on the day, all colour co-ordinated. A pale yellow and white split screen took prize position on top of the wedding cake. What a fabulous idea for a cake topper! (Made by Kim Stewart Cakes in Surrey).

vw camper cake topper

VW Camper cake topper - Kim Stewart Cakes in Surrey

I also simply adored the bay styled, hand painted VW Camper favours, which looked the splitting image of Buttercup. These were made by the talented Julies Handmade Signs and Gifts. She can make these favours to any colour scheme or wording. Have a little look at her Facebook page.


vw camper wedding favours

VW Camper wedding favours - Julies Handmade Signs and Gifts.


Helen contacted me after the wedding, and said that she would be very interested to find out if any of our Facebook followers have a campervan or beetle with a DL registration number as this would have been sold new by her Dad. Do any of you have a this registration, or do you know anyone that does? Please share this blog article and let’s see if we can find some of those old dubs… I am sure that it would bring a real smile to Helen and her family!

Oh – and Helen, I have your number noted – you never know when the Buttercup Bus Gang may need another driver to add to the team – and it sounds like you know your onions when it comes to campervan driving!!!

surrey vw camper wedding

Helen and Darren with Buttercup - Photo credit

Written by Nathalie, Buttercup Bus VW Camper Hire in London / Surrey


Nathalie Buttercup Bus VW Campers

Nathalie - lucky owner of Buttercup Bus VW Campers