Are you ready to be be-dazzled with the Buttercup Bus Games of the Century?? Sit back, relax and absorb as this will add another dimension to your camper road tripping experience!

  1.  I Spy – What a classic and a great ‘warm up’ game we reckon!!
  2. 20 Questions – Love this game!! Someone thinks of say a celebrity or animal or place and between y’all in the car have just 20 questions to guess what it is. Must be a yes or no question! David Hasselhoff is my favourite one to start with…that or Van Gogh!!
  3. Get your Geography on – Okay we have to get that brain ah ticking. So whether it be a topic of lakes, cities, countries, counties, states you have to keep the theme going by starting with the previous persons last letter. What?! So for the USA states theme, following on from Nebraska, the next person has to think of a state beginning with ‘A’..Alaska..Get it?
  4. Name that tune – La la laaaaaaaa laaaa the hills are alive with the sound of moooo-sic. Ha ha. Okay play a little radio tennis and switch the radio onto a tune…snap crackle and pop who can name it first?!
  5. Tunnels – This is funny. But play at your own risk and recommend the driver doesn’t play eh….so when you see a tunnel, see who can hold their breath for the longest driving through it?! The kids usually rock at this one!!
  6. The Picnic Game – Another brain teaser. Start a sentence like last Saturday I went to a picnic and brought a marshmellow….then the next person would repeat the same sentence and add their object….and so forth….my, this can get rather juicy when you get to say 23 picnic objects!!
  7. Where’s the Alphabet – Lets have a team game shall we? So those on the left look left and those on the right look right. You have to work your way through the alphabet A-Z by locating letters in whatever sign you see.
  8. Reveal all – No keep your clothes on….but lets dig a little deeper huh. Okay you have to say 3 things about yourself and one of the 3 had to be a lie. Can the others spot the lie??
  9. Spot Beatrix’s Family – keep an eye out for our VW Beetle driving friends…how many can you spot, tapping the seat everytime you get your spot on! Thicken the plot and reward yourselves with more points for spotting say vintage beetles opposed to the snazzy new ones!
  10. VW Camper hurrah song – Hurrah hurrah…okay so thats not a song BUT at the beginning of your journey set a song you all know and when you see that rainbow at the end of the tunnel a fellow VW camper driver, shout it from the rooftops sing for joy sing your song at the top of your voices… song choice is….I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconutsssssss ha ha!!!!!

Did we miss a corker of a game? Love to hear from ya, spill your family favourite and leave us a comment below!!

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