Gas safety certified VW Camper rental

Buttercup Bus Vintage Campers gas certify their campervans in line with insurance requirements, for their self-drive classic campervan rental services. This gas safety certification in the VW Campers is done annually.

Integrated gas appliances should be annually certified in your rental campervan

Scrambled egg on toast at dawn, whilst watching the sunrise? A nice cup of tea whilst reading a good book and looking out at the rolling hills? How about a nice hot water bottle as you snuggle up at night? This is all possible on a VW Camper adventure, as our campervans come with a gas cooker installed… and with our Gas Safe certificate, you have the assurance that everything has been installed with safety in mind.

If renting a campervan, we recommend that you go for a company that is offering Gas safety certified VW Camper rental.

Gas safety certified VW Camper rental
Gas safety certified VW Camper rental

Any commercial campervan hire company offering vehicles with gas installed, are required to hold this certificate to comply with the regulations.

Gas safety certified VW Camper rentals are neccesary – without a valid certificate, any insurance may be compromised. It is easy to find an LPG Caravan Gas Safe engineer on the Gas Safe register.

Our gas appliance installations undergo the Gas Safe tests on an annual basis. Specifically:

–          The gas bottles are secured in a sealed locker

–          The locker has an external drop out vent, where a gas leak may escape underneath

–          Integrity of all gas appliances fitted are checked to be safe to use

–          The set up is checked for gas leaks

–          Pipe work pressure tests and hose checks take place

Our lovely gas technician, Paul, is a whizz at all things LPG.

When looking to hire a VW Camper, it is worth checking whether the company are Gas Safe certified.

Buttercup Bus VW camper’s top safety tips to remember when using a gas hob in a campervan are as follows:

1)      Always keep the interior ventilated to avoid a build up of carbon monoxide. (eg open a window or door)

2)      Always keep soft furnishings away from flames – eg curtains, bunting, bedding

3)      Never leave a gas appliance unattended whilst turned on

4)      Know where the nearest fire extinguisher is in the vehicle

5)      Switch the gas bottle off at the source when in transit / gas not in use

Our check out procedure covers all these points so that they stay fresh in your memory for the hire period.

Now all you need to do is brush up on those cooking skills, pootle by a local farm shop in the campervan and get creative with a frying pan!!!

Written by Nathalie at Buttercup Bus Vintage Campers