Belinda Bus is certainly not camera shy, having featured in many TV commercials and magazine shoots. However, her latest role in the feature film “Hot Wings” produced by Endz Films, looks to be a corker, judging by the newley released trailor.

For those of you interested in the background of this movie, check out our earlier blog article here … personally, I think that the trailer does a pretty good job of whetting the appetite for an intriguing story! Click play on the video below and let the trailer do the talking!!!

I so want to see this film!!!!

This is the first trailer for the feature film ‘Hot Wings’, shot entirely on location in East London. Starring  Kenan Kiani, Jeff Stewart, Ana Ventura and Samantha Sanns.  Directed by the amazing Mitch Panayis, Produced by EndzFilms.
Out Early 2013.

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Oh and if you are interested in hiring a VW Camper for your own media project, then Belinda Bus is getting quite a taste for stardom!


Written by Nathalie