Picnic. What a great word huh! According to Wikipedia ‘A picnic is a pleasure excursion at which a meal is eaten outdoors’. And the key to a great picnic is apparently the location which should be in a park or by a lake which made me chuckle!

Staring out of the Buttercupbus HQ windows I sit here dreaming of what would entail the perfect camping picnic. After all we are planning a photo shoot  with our yellow camper Buttercup themed around a picnic in April. So really this little tangent is much needed research!

Now it is hard to stay focussed. As we could explore the possibility of breakfast, lunch and dinner picnics! But let’s not push the boat out too far huh, let’s stay in the zone of a lunchtime picnic. And I’m thinking hamper sized  just like the ones we have for our campers. Also the use of camping gear is also permitted as yes you guessed it we supply gas and a hob so sorry boring tuna and cucumber sandwiches we are upgrading to the likes of The BLT with freshly grilled or fried bacon! Yum! With this added benefit of gas we’ve created a new category of picnic. We’ll call this the great buttercup bus picnic essentials and lunch time ideas….!


Camping in a VW camper

Who's ready for lunch?


Now let’s find our inner Delia and get the ideas flowing…

  1. The Full Camper Monty – Scrambled eggs, grilled bacon ‘n’ sausage, slices of chorizo packed full of flavour and baked bean butty
  2. The Kids Buttercup special – Smores! Pan of melted finger licking chocolate drizzled over marshmellows and sandwiched in a crumbly biscuit.
  3. Hot Buttercup-fied dog! – Caramelised red onion topped onto Grilled Sauasage, with a dollop of the finest ketchup
  4. The posh nosh  – find a plate and smack a set of grapes in the middle with some cocktail sticks (this makes it most posh!) and buy some local cheese. Get involved, buy local!
  5. Buttercup Bus Cheats Picnic – um, need I say anymore…pop into M&S….and graze as you will on their delightful mini everything….sausage rolls, cocktail sausages…

I can see it now perhaps we’ll get a book deal and publish our very own camping cooking guide one day? Getting excited about planning a picnic pop in and say hello and check out whether you would like to ride in style with the lovely Buttercup or Belinda VW Campers?

Anyhoo love to know what you think of our lunch time treats? Leave a comment and lets get talking picnics!!