Our campers are serviced regularly by the amazing (and very lovely) Darren at VW Airfix in Carsharton. However, I am always keen to take on the basic jobs myself (sometimes with a little steer from Darren).

Yesterday, whilst I had a spare moment, I decided to replace the window winder on Buttercup (as the handle had fallen off).

Now, having three campers, I have collected a few bits and bobs over the course of time… and just happened to have a spare window winder in the glove box and a flat head and philips screwdriver in my handbag. (I’m sure that these are not the kind of things one should carry around in their handbag … in fact, the depths of my handbag is a scary place to go, with a mix of campervan related stuff, lipstick and childrens toys!)

Nathalie Buttercup Bus

My trusty handbag full of campervan parts

Whilst sitting in Buttercup, I decided to sieze the moment and get that winder fixed. Being a bit geeky, I decided to photograph the steps to share with anyone else contemplating the same job for the first time.

So, brace yourself for possibly the most boring pictures that we have ever posted on this blog – the 5 steps to changing a window winder! (Ooooh, the excitement!!!)

Changing VW Camper Window Winder

Changing Buttercup's Window Winder - 5 easy steps

Step one: Use a flat head screwdriver and prise the plastic cover off the top of the window winder

Step two: Locate the screw in the centre of the metal winder mechanism and unscrew with a philips screwdriver

Step three: Put the screw somewhere safe, and then remove the old winder arm, to expose the bare door card and attachment notch

Step four: Attach the new arm with the saved screw

Step five: Push the plastic cover back on to the arm and hey presto – job done in all of 2 minutes!

Now, all you camper enthusisasts are probably chuckling, wondering why I am even bothering to write about such a basic task – but I did not realise that the plastic cover just prised off and was worried about breaking it – so now I know, I’m sharing it with you! 🙂

Next week I’ll be posting an article on how to change the main bearings on your engine …. (ahem… really!?!)


Written by Nathalie


Nathalie Buttercup Bus VW Campers

Nathalie - lucky owner of Buttercup Bus VW Campers