Being obsessed about campers, I can’t help but spot them wherever I go. As they become increasingly popular, they seem to be popping up everywhere – music videos, TV adverts, films…. Last night, sitting on the sofa, I started up a little game of “name that film that has a camper in it” – geeky, I know! Here was the little list that I came up with – I am sure that there are many more – so feel free to join the game and shout them out as comments to this blog post!

Nat’s top 10 list of movies with campers:

1. Texas Chainsaw 3D

2. Little Miss Sunshine (This really is a “must see”!!! Who could miss that sunshine yellow camper?)


yellow vw camper

Just like our Buttercup but less orange! 

3. Jackie Brown with Robert De Niro

4. The original Pink Panther

5. Back to the Future there is a blue bay VW Bus used by a gunman

6. The Boat that Rocked (Geen and white Splitty)

7. Field of Dreams where Kevin Costner drives cross country in a VW Bus

8.Clint Eastwood crashes into one in the second Dirty Harry movie

9. The cartoon Cars, where with Fillmore

10. Vampire Killers.

Wow. That was quite therapeutic! And to think our very own VW camper Belinda is off on another filming adventure shortly, this time for a movie shoot in and around London. We are so proud of her!

Righto, what do you think of the top 10? Have we nailed it? If not, what have we missed? Feel free and leave your comments here, we want to establish the best list ever and we need your help!! Now where is a Blockbusters when I need one? Hopefully my local Croydon branch is still open!