Many people say that we are “living the dream” running a retro VW Camper hire company – and yes, we would tend to agree with them. What would you rather… squeezing yourself onto a hot,  cramped tube train in the morning and feeling like you’re in a sardine tin, or would you prefer to pootle down the road with everyone smiling at you in a beautiful 1970s lush-mobile?

Pushka Wedding VW Camper

Driving along super chilled, in one of our VW Campers (Copywrite protected - Photo credit, taken for Rosamunde magazine)

However, behind the scenes, there is a lot of work that goes on, and as our campervans become increasingly popular, we have decided that it is time for the Buttercup Bus camp to welcome a new recruit on a part time basis.

We searched high and low to find the perfect match for our company. We trawled through lots of CVs in search for someomeone that would understand how our campers (Pushka, Buttercup and Belinda) are literally part of the family with personalities of their own. We needed someone local who could work flexibly with us and share our passion for campevan wedding and holiday hire.

Laura Buttercup Bus VW Campers

Laura, our latest new team member. Yay!

I couldn’t stop jumping up and down with excitement when the fabulous Laura hit my radar. She is establishing her own photography business and is keen to build a presence in the wedding industry (a perfect crossover). She had aspirations to work for a quirky and original company and we ticked all the boxes! Further to that, she knows about driving “older vehicles”, has office experience to help with the running of things and happy to don the marigolds to make our four wheeled princesses sparkle for their customers.

So, please join me in welcoming the lovely Laura onto our team. You will see her name cropping up over the next few months as she contributes to our online and telephone communications and drives the campervans to some of our wedding bookings. Given the picture above, she appears to like wearing hats, just like me – so my red bowler hat tradition may well continue! Who knows!?!



Buttercup Bus VW Campers


Nathalie Buttercup Bus VW Campers

Nathalie - lucky owner of Buttercup Bus VW Campers