The breathtaking and intriguing pictures in this blog entry provide a tantilising window into the film currently in production by Endz Films, called ‘Hot Wings’ – and there is nobody better placed to provide you with more information, than the film producer himself, Mitch Panayis so I’m going to hand this blog entry over…..

The Fish Island Riviera came alive once more this week as the cast and crew of feature film ‘Hot Wings’ descended to shoot 3 days worth of scenes for their drama, to be released early next year. The canal side location of Formans Fish Island played host to a number of events during the Olympic Games this summer, and was chosen to be a main location for the film due to the overwhelming structure of the Olympic Stadium dominating the skyline on the other side of the canal.

The film, Directed by Mitch Panayis and starring Jeff Stewart, Kenan Kiani and Ana Ventura, is about a banished East Londoner, Ken (Kenan Kiani) returning during the Olympic Games to patch up his relationship with his father, and also to find work back in the bars and clubs as a DJ during the Olympics. But the power’s that be, aswell as his old foe Bobby (Jeff Stewart), block his attempts to do both, and his only solace is found in his foul mouthed, chain smoking Guardian Angel, Gabriel (Ana Ventura). Together they attempt to wrestle back some power, and they win some, lose some.

The crew were on location for three days, along with the classic 1970’s VW Camper Van, Belinda, which is the home for Ken during his stay in East London. The Van, hired from Nathalie at ButtercupBus, was in immaculate condition aswell as having all the original touches that make up a classic. Normally used for Weddings and holidays, the fleet of three buses are very busy and shooting schedules were rejigged to incorporate the iconic vans into the film. The van, being prominent both visually and as a plot device, is a character in its own right and added something extra to an already beautiful location.

The film is in production at the moment and shooting will be finished by mid-november, with a release date set for early next year.

Written by Mitch Panayis, Director of “Hot Wings, Endz Films – Making films in East London.