VW campervan owners develop a special and sometimes obsessive relationship with their campers, bringing them into the family and often giving them a name. I was chatting to one camper owner the other day and he called the rain cover for his camper its “silver dress”!
It’s hard to describe the fascination. The iconic styling of the “happy face” on the front of the campervan; high view from behind the big steering wheel and that lovely “putt putt” sound of the engine are all part of the charm.
We have found the fascination to be so deep that whilst hiring one of our campervans out for a wedding, we were honoured to have the camper captured in the form of icing and sponge cake to take central stage as the wedding cake.
white wedding campervan cake

Pushka the wedding campervan captured in cake form

This prompted me to seek out pictures of other people’s campervan cakes and share them with you on this blog. The pictures below came from contributors on forums, twitter and facebook. If you have pictures that you would also like to contribute please send them through and I will update this blog with them!

I was also delighted when Generation Campers @generationvw shared the special recipe used for their own campervan cake. It is perfect for camping too, as lasts for days. I am told that this is now a tradition and loved by all their generations. The notes to the right show how much Mabel, their campervan, is loved.


Camping cake recipe

Generation Campers chocolate cake recipe

birthday VW Camper cake

My good friend Nick from Wedding Camper in Kent had a 40th VW camper cake made of his much loved campervan called Bo Blue.

birthday campervan cake

Bridget from Veedoublemoo  (An the icrecream Bay Campervan company) shares her camper cake


splitscreen cake

Liz Allister shared her picture of Bumble the splitscreen campervan captured in a cake. The cake was made by Mad Art Cakes.


Wedding campervan cake

@Haylzjb shared her campervan wedding cake via our Twitter channel. This camper was their wedding car too!

T2 Bay VW Camper cake

This is my husband’s (Mr Buttercup Bus) 40th birthday cake. I cheated and bought a cake from Costco and decorated it with campervan biscuits from The Campervan Cookie Company

Campervan cake

This VW Camper birthday cake was made for “Olive Bay” from The Late Bay forum. The cake was made by a fantastically clever lady called Donna in Leeds who runs her business from home donnamakescakes.co.uk It was a chocolate mud cake and went down an absolute treat. Her next challenge is to make a Glastonbury Pyramid Stage cake!


birthday campervan cake

Iggle Piggle from The Late Bay forum shared this amazing creation – I think it may have a flat tyre though! 🙂



Birthday VW Camper Cake

Iggle Piggle from The Late Bay Forum also shared this wonderful campervan cake

Thank you to everyone that shared their cake pictures on this post. If you would like to share your sponge and icing campervan creation to this post, please contact me and send a picture through to Buttercup Bus VW Campers, and I shall add it to this page for all to see!