This is a little story about Pushka – who used to be a Brighton boy racer bus. She would growl angrily around the streets revving her engine and making the petrol heads weak at the knees… but one day, she found herself put up for sale by her owner, and dared to dream of a happier life filled with frolicks and fun.
White wedding VW Camper

Pushka at St Paul’s Cathedral

Meanwhile, a lady called Nathalie was expecting her first child, and naively thought that her pram would fit in a two seater Smart car. Sadly, this little car (called Ola) had to go. It would take something special to replace her, and the opportunity was taken to buy a dream set of wheels – Pushka. Nathalie’s husband was gobsmacked when she rocked up in the shiny, cream campervan… and needed convincing that Pushka’s good looks would allow for the odd wedding to pay for the running costs.
White VW Camper

Pushka at a winter wedding

Pushka, felt like her fairy godmother had arrived, as her engine was replaced and minimalist interior upgraded at great expense. Her seats were re-upholstered with cream leather and red piping. She loved her cute, home made, checked curtains to match the seating trim, and lots of little details like heart ribbon tie backs and a hand painted just married sign… not forgetting the matching red and white gerbera flower garland in the window. When adorned with her ribbons to match the wedding couple’s colour theme, she felt like a princess, turning heads and causing people to smile and wave.
Campervan with wedding flowers
Heart tie backs on campervan curtains

Heart tie backs on campervan curtains

Beatiful hamperbasket available with chilled refreshements

Beatiful hamper basket available with chilled refreshements


Wedding VW Camper London

Pushka in the sunshine before having ribbons added

Word got around, and this vintage lady started to generate a fair bit of interest, getting a social calendar to rival any celebrity as the wedding bookings came in. The new owner, Nathalie, was able to purchase two more campervan friends to join the family (one in vintage blue and white, and one currently being rescued (restored) to grace the roads this spring in pale yellow and white)… and Buttercup Bus VW Campers was born, offering campervan hire in London and surrounding counties for weddings and holidays / honeymoons.
Buttercup Bus VW Camper Hire London

Pushka and Belinda Bus on an outing together


If you are interested in meeting these four wheeled friends, Nathalie can be contacted at, and will happily discuss your requirements and even take you for a test drive if required!