The clocks went forwards this weekend… this meant one hour less sleep – not a bad thing when I was looking forwards to going to the Volks World Show at Sandown Park in Surrey.

The mission was to find inspiration for the upholstery for my latest VW Camper restoration, called Buttercup – and with the large amount of campers on display, I was certainly going to get some ideas. I also needed to purchase some clips and bungs to attach my upholstered door cards. Geeky fact for the day: you need 117 clips to attach a full set of door cards to your Bay camper. I managed to get these at discount at the event. Woohoo!

The sun was shining, and as a lady pushing a buggy (yes, my baby girl is going to grow up with campervans in her life!), the event proved to be easy to get around. I got some excellent advice on soft furnishings for Buttercup and also saw some amazing cars and campers. Check the pictures out!

Volks World Show

All pictures by Nathalie

I was also looking forwards to meeting some V-Dub buddies! Sure enough, the WubsDubs stand was there, and I stopped by for a catch up with the lovely Angela. The stall looked busy, with lots of people browsing their VW gifts and accessories.

I was also really chuffed to meet my long time twitter buddy Nick, @weddingcamper, and his trusty set of wheels, called Bo Blue – a camper full of stories and history, having stayed in the family since birth. I had the honour of taking a seat and having a good old catch up – from campervan weddings to engines! It was great to finally meet in person!

Having a passion for campervan weddings, meeting the authors of FestivalBrides blog was a real treat. The gorgeous Kelly and Laura have been following our latest campervan restoration on their blog for the last few months, which has been a real honour. We are looking forwards to taking part in one of their wedding photoshoots next month! I’ll be sure to blog all about it – so watch this space!

The day flew by, and when I got home, I could see my husband’s relief that I had not come back with another campervan! (I have to get our latest camper to become a working girl, before I can start to think about expanding the four wheeled family any further!!!)