Pre classic campervan rental check-out information

  • Please find the standard campervan check-out instructional videos below. Please take time to watch these, so that you are prepared on collection of your campervan.
  • We will still do the checkout process – but these videos have been created to minimise the time we spend in the campervan together, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • For those viewing on desktops, each video is divided into chapters to help you to navigate through the various topics. Click on the list view at the bottom of each video to view all chapters.
  • For those viewing from a mobile device, the video will not divide into chapters. Each video is c. 25 mins.
  • We have added an amateur 5min video at the bottom of the page on how to set up the detachable awning. This is not divided into chapters.

Buttercup – the 1977, primrose and white 1977 poptop RHD VW Camper.

Belinda – the 1973, duck egg blue and white 1973 poptop RHD VW Camper.

The optional detachable awning – setting it up

This video is an amateur video, put together in-house to support our clients.

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