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How old do I have to be to hire a campervan from Buttercup Bus?
Between 25-70 years old.

I am under 25, can I still hire one of you campervans?
We may consider drivers aged 24, but there is an additional premium. Please call us for a quote.

How many people are allowed to drive the campervan?
As many as you require, as long as they are named drivers. They must be between 25-70 years of age. There is an extra charge for each additional driver. All drivers must be present on collection of the campervan.

Can I take the campervan to Europe?
No, our campervans are for UK hire only.

Can you deliver the campervan to me?
We are happy to collect you from a local train station for free (East Croydon, Purley or Waddon). You can also leave your own vehicle with us during the hire period if needed. If you require a pick up and drop off service, please contact us for a quote. This service is subject to availability and prices will vary depending on time and location.

Can I meet the campervans before I rent one?
Yes, you are always welcome to pop round and visit the campervans and have a chat. You will need to contact us to arrange a suitable time and date.

Can I leave my car with you when I collect my campervan?
Yes, if you are driving, you are welcome to leave your car at our base, located on a private, gated road. Cars are left entirely at your own risk. We cannot accept liability for any damage or loss.

Do your campervans have seat belts?
All our campervans are fitted with seat belts in the front and rear.

What type of fuel do the campervans run on?
All our campervans run on regular unleaded petrol.

Do the campervans have an electric hook-up?
Yes, an RCD electrical hook up cable is supplied. They also come with a cigarette power socket.

How fast do the campervans go?
Our campervans all come with new 1.6 aircooled engines. However, they are built for comfort, not speed. They have just 4 gears (and a reverse) and a top speed is 50 mph. Long distance travel is not suitable for short term hire and we ask that you take a break every three hours. Please take this into consideration when planning your journey.

Are they easy to drive?
Read this blog article we wrote about driving a camper. All campervans take a little bit of getting used to as they do not come with the features many modern cars offer, such as power steering. Gear changes can take a little practise. We will run through everything when you collect your campervan and take you on a short test drive if you want to. We can even show you the “VW wave” you will be greeted with by other vintage drivers!

Is the mileage limited?
There is no milage limit* – however, the top speed of 50 mph will make long distance travel impractable for short term hire. Please contact us to discuss your travel plans before making your booking. (*Please note that BuyAGift customers and day hire customers are limited to an 80 mile / day limit).

What do I need to bring with me?
Our campervans come equipped with the essential things you’ll need for a great trip, such as cooking equipment and cutlery. You will just need to pack bedding, towels and toiletries and some music to listen to on the way!

How many people can sleep in the campervan?
The campervan comes with a double bed for two adults. The roof pops up and two hammocks pull out. These are suitable for 2 children. There is a third hammock that attaches over the front seats. This is suitable for a young child only. It is perfect for our 3 year old, and is safe, as she cannot roll out when she wriggles in the night! For those of you with babies, we find that the Samsonite “egg” travel cot fits nicely at the end of the bed.
The campervan can be hired with a drive away awning which has an inner sleeping tent to accommodate two further adults with an airbed if required.

I need to return the campervan with a full tank of petrol. Where is the nearest petrol station?
There are petrol stations on the Purley Way, approximately 2 mins from our base. (Five Ways Corner, on the junction of Stafford Road and Purley Way). Alternatively, Tescos on the Purley Cross roundabout, where the A22 and A23 junctions can be found.

Will I be effected by the London Emission Zone (LEZ) with the campervan?
No, you will not be effected by the London Emission Zone. Our Campervans are exempt, non-diesel, historic vehicles.



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