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wooden campervan paint set

Wooden campervan paint set

Available to order in our online shop now!

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campervan paint set gift

Wooden campervan gift set – perfect for arts and crafts

Whilst the children are at home, we have been finding all sorts of fun activities to do, to keep them entertained – including arts and crafts sessions with these adorable little wooden campervan sets.

I ordered three (one for each of my children – plus a sneaky one for me to do as well!)

The wooden campervan set

The retro wooden campervan comes on its own – but we had plenty of paints and brushes at home. We decided to use acrylic paints for our arts and crafts session.

This item is themed on a classic campervan with wheels that rotate. It comes in plain, pine wood, ready to decorate.

It’s always difficult to get a perspective of size from a photograph – but it measures about 17cm long by 13.5 cm tall, and is 11cm wide.

A versatile campervan themed gift

We are still experiementing with our finished creations, which can be used in a variety of ways. Ideas include:

  • Adding fairy lights to make a campervan themed night light in the children’s bedroom
  • Arranging them in the garden for children’s play time (although I’m not sure how they would react in the wet weather – best to have as a daytime play set up!)
  • Adding your favourite doll, so that they can go on a campervan road trip in an imaginative play sesson with the children
  • A decorative item for your home, perhaps displayed on the shelf

Where can I get my wooden campervan craft set?

We loved these so much, that we spoke to our supplier, and decided to sell them in our very own campervan gift shop.

Simply make your purchase here, and our supplier will post it to you direct. All you need is your own paint brushes and paint – or if you feel realy creative, a glue gun and some embellishments!

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    Order your wooden campervan gift now!

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    About the author


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